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Derek Padgett (478-230-7585) and Russell Odom (478-230-4967)

Address: 129 N. Lakeshore Dr Cochran GA 31014

History of Litewire Hooks:  Many years ago before the original owner, Curtis Hobbs, created Litewire Hooks, he fished Lake Eufaula in Alabama and fished a ledge down from Rood Creek.  Every time he got hung, he would lose the gold hook, jig, and lead.  He started using a lighter and tempered the bend in the gold hooks, bend one time, and then often the hook would bend, and he would not lose everything.  Once Curtis started pouring Litewire Hooks, everything changed!  He would still get hung, but many times the hook would bend, and he would get the hook, jig and lead back…and not have to tie on another hook. 

Curtis fishing with his uncle

Curtis poured/painted/baked Litewire hooks for 25+ years, and at the end of 2023, he decided it was time to retire.  His good friends, Derek Padgett and Russell Odom, accepted the offer to continue production and support his existing customers and any new ones.  Curtis did a knowledge transfer to ensure they would continue the same quality he has maintained over the years.  As he ramped down in inventory and production, Derek and Russell ramped up with molds, hooks, lead, etc.  They continue to consult with Curtis when needed.  Just as Curtis did, Derek and Russell pour, paint and bake themselves.  They paint eyes on the heads and bake after painting them.  They also clean out the eyes where you tie on the line, as well as try not to paint the barb to make the jig stay on better. 

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Shipping/Insurance Cost:  TBD based on size/value of order.  (If mailing, include mailing address.)

We accept PayPal, cash, or check.  If you want to use PayPal, send your email and we will send you an invoice of the order with link to PayPal.  Once payment is received, order will be shipped.

Order Information:  You can call, text or email the following:

1. Hook style from those currently available:

Sickle – Bronze (#2, #4), Red (#1, #2, #4, #6), Gold Sickle (#2, #4)

Litewire – Bronze (#1, #2, #4, #6), Red (#2)

Gold 575 – (#1, #2, #4)

Stiff Hook – Bronze (#2, #4)

574M #2 Long – (#2)

2. Hook size (#1, #2, #4, or #6)

3. Weight (1/4, 3/16, 1/8, 3/32, 1/16, 1/24 or 1/32)

4. Head shape (Round, Minnow, Bullet, Ball, Aspirin, Bellyspin, Pony Head)

5. Color:  Black, Yellow, Red, Blaze Orange, White, Hot Pink, Powder Blue, Blue, Silver, Candy Red, Fire Craw, Smoke, Sapphire Blue, Bright Green, Junebug, Green Chartreuse, Yellow Chartreuse, Pearl, Disco Red, Disco Blue, Disco Silver, Disco Gold, Disco Orange, Disco Purple, Blue Frost, Candy Purple, Unpainted (Inquire on other colors if not included above.)

6. Quantity of each color (Normally sold in packs of 10 except for bellyspins and pony heads that are typically in packs of 5.)

7. Any special request, i.e. no eyes, double eyes, etc. NOTE:  If you want a special color eye, let us know.  If ordering spinners, identify type – Willow or Indiana blades

Derek Padgett (478-230-7585) and Russell Odom (478-230-4967)


Address: 129 N. Lakeshore Dr                    Cochran, GA 31014 

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